Monday, August 31, 2015

Ask a different question

What do you REALLY do? 
To provoke a whole room to react to the unexpected sound 
of live opera at their dinner table. 
In this digitally obsessed era I'm on a quest to dis-connect 
and go beyond Facebook "likes" and tags in a tweet.
My intent is to reinvent the conversation 
starting with the question I most commonly hear.
What do you do? 
One day I walked up to the CEO of Western Union
while crashing his company event
and asked him that same question.
When his reply was just the title on his business card, 
I realized this was not the response I was looking for.
How do you change the conversation?
By adding an unexpected surprise to the situation.
So I went the Marriott Marquis
and snuck in a professional saxophone player with me. 
The attendees of this event crash
asked for an encore. 
You see,
what will happen if you
ask a different question? 
It's like switching up the handshake
and at the last second going in for a high five.
That's how you will really
feel the sound of a surprise.  


Professional Crasher

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