Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thycotic & HP

*Double Whammy*
          Thycotic Customer Appreciation Party HP Thin Client 
@ Blue Stem
August 27th 6:30-9:30pm

Thycotic appreciates. According to the Exhibitor from Washington D.C., they came to SF for VMworld and wanted to thank their current clients by hosting a bar and appetizers. Thycotic is a Microsoft Partner that provides secure software products, development and training to the information technology industry, serving enterprise and small business markets.

An HP event just so happened to be occurring on the rooftop of the same restaurant that evening, so of course, I had to crash that as well.  To combat the recent decline of the HP stock, I decided to defend the company and convinced the people on the second floor that I was an HP engineer ensuring the future of the company to be a good one -so don't let us down HP.

P.S. I'm the only one that actually earned my giftbag... I trust you HP

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Twitter Data Science & Machine Learning 
hashtag #twitterdsml
August 22nd 

I finally gave in and started using it  --
so it only seemed natural to be at Twitters new headquarters,  playing kornhole on the rooftop.

As much as people at this event were tweeting about Twitter, I was in fact listening to the keynote speakers. With a room full of engineers they compared the power behind data to be like oxygen (vital and abundant), with promises of having the ability to build up from micro-level data to answer macro-level questions.  Amongst this crowd, I met Adam Moore who has over seven thousand followers on Twitter.  Which turns out to be more followers than all of the keynote speakers, combined. I know this because I looked him up, and also came across a tweet that he had posted while at the event. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Game for Change @ Hub

August 17th
While crashing this event I won the raffle there: lunch for two at Cafe Venue. 

Hub is a co-working space that provides a progressive environment for social change ideas to scale into viable enterprises. This community of entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, artists, funders, students and mentors address complex problems from poverty to climate change.  The Hub is always welcoming more people to find their next project, partner, funder, or muse -where change goes to work, and I get to win raffles. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Mission Startup Social Club

Tuesday, July 21st 

I don't live in the Mission, but I do support the social startup scene there. Lawrence Coburn was the first CEO to say he was honored to have a picture with me, and he also just so happens to be the coolest CEO I've met. As he sets the company culture to be just that, working at Double Dutch comes with many perks, including "perk number 5, which is being a pet friendly office -except cats, fuck cats." DoubleDutch makes mobile, cloud-based, geosocial applications for events and enterprise workgroups. They play ping pong, drink lots of coffee, go to concerts, nerd out... and develop products that they're wildly proud of.

They're also hiring.