Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Dreamforce Tech Meetup hosted by Bluewolf @ 111 Minna 
                                September 18th 5:30pm-8:00pm 

This is Jonathan Staley, a product marketing manager and also the speaker I met that evening representing Bluewolf.  By definition, Bluewolf is a company that makes enterprises agile and unites IT under innovation, as a global agile consultancy. I went out that night in an attempt to decipher what that actually meant. I chatted over cocktails with the in-house cloud developers, and asked around for a more concise explanation of what's really going on here. One engineer summed it up best when I limited him to only three words, he narrowed it down to the "enterprise instance evolving." He also mentioned that if I dropped those words in any conversation that night I would look like I knew what I was talking about, which worked seamlessly.... or it could have just been the chardonnay.

Bluewolf, constantly consulting.

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