Friday, January 11, 2013


Covington's Cocktail Reception @ The Westin St. Francis
Jan 7th 5:00-8:30pm 

The clockbar was closed for this private event so I grabbed myself a name tag and crashed this cocktail reception. Covington was hosting this event in conjuction with the healthcare conference and I joined this crowd because I care about health too. Convington & Burling LLP is an international law firm representing clients in cutting edge technology, litigation, white collar defense, governmental affairs, and more -they pretty much cover everything when it deals with law. While crashing this event I noticed that I could essentially split all the attendees up into three categories: the people in healthcare services, the people in pharma companies, and the people that were crashing this event (which were two). What I also saw is that the percentage of men far outnumbered the amount of women.  I found myself with one of the few women attendees, Brianna Sandoval, from Covington & Burling and we both tried to figure out why J.P. Morgan's Health conference was dominated by men. 

Another question that's been on my mind is, what am I going to do with all of this company event crashing? Well, I plan on making a company coffee table book -which I don't think actually exists but I'm creating one that's meant for lobbies and waiting rooms of businesses and it's called, "Crashed it -50 Company Events in SF."  Not sure if this means I'm going to need permission from all these businesses because otherwise it may just turn into a book called "Sued -by 50 Companies in SF". I guess I could now ask this question to my lawyer friends at Covington.

Crashed it with the Covington Crew!  

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