Monday, June 17, 2013

SF MusicTech

SF MusicTech Summit XIII @ Hotel Kabuki 
May 28th 8:30am-10pm

I crashed the SF MusicTech Summit because although I've come to know a lot about technology, I wanted to gain a deeper appreciation for the music industry and especially how those two elements connect -as "connection" seemed to be a theme throughout the day.

The MusicTech summit is a biannual event based on the idea that new possibilities are best sparked when the right mix of people come together in an environment that promotes a positive outlook on change and provides a structure for connecting people and facilitating deals. Bringing together visionaries in the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, musicians at the convergence of culture and commerce. For many the important part of the conference happens in the Hotel Kabuki's packed hallways, providing a fascinating window into the tech side of today's music industry.

Brian Zisk, Founder of SF MusicTech 
Brian Zisk is the founder of the MusicTech Summit and has made it his mission to help bring cosmos from out of the chaos of the music world. Zisk and his colleagues concentrate on how music is distributed, discovered and shared, how artists can interact with their audiences -and, of course, how music still can be monetized amid all these changes. Brian asks attendees to "focus on what helps the whole ecosystem, rather than what's just in it for you, while maximizing the fun."
13th Birthday of MusicTech

Digital Strategy Panel

While crashing the panel, I learned that technology helps artists to arrange and monetize personal interactions, building a community of fans through constant engagement and connection. Through social networks, musicians are able to communicate directly with their fans and build personal relationships. As music discovery is going to play an even larger role in the future, collecting data on users' tastes in order to provide them with songs and artists they are likely to appreciate. To implement these personalized recommendation technologies, more as been invested in using algorithms to process the data to provide relevant suggestions to the listener, thus users have access to websites completely customized to listen to their music.

Wayne Skeen, CEO of DeliRadio 
If you like going to concerts, then you will love DeliRadio. Wayne Skeen, CEO of DeliRadio and his team including Christine Kemp, have created a platform for you to discover and create stations of artists touring in your area. A new way of previewing and sorting through bands that are coming to venues around you, DeliRadio integrates music into the larger social experience. Users can generate stations based on location, artist, date or venue. Christine and I instantly connected and she hooked me up with my own radio station to stream music that has upcoming tours in SF -Professional Crasher Radio (click the icon below to listen) 
Christine Kemp, DeliRadio 
Stefen Aronsen, holding up his graphic recording 
I also bumped into Stefan Aronsen -this is him holding up his graphic recording as I'm holding up my leg. Stefan is a graphic artist that specializes in bands and brands utilizing his 5 P's -Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-In, and Play. This is Stefan's graphic recording from the SF MusicTech Summit. 

Connecting with technology has pumped new life into the music business.

CRASHED IT... for the love of music! 

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  1. Great post, great event, glad I made the cut and got mentioned!
    Stefan - SF Intercom