Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Old Mint

Hops and History @ The Old Mint

May 23rd 6:30-9:30pm

Quadruple Crash = Me + 3 

I crashed Hops and History because after all these wine events, it was time for some beer. FlipSlide, a part of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, was founded to engage a younger generation of San Francisco history enthusiasts through exclusive parties, historical bar crawls, presentations, and some. Through awareness, the ultimate goal is to help foster the creation of the first museum dedicated to history of San Francisco, the Old Mint.
Justin Jones, Co-Organizer of FlipSide

A long source of pride for residents of San Francisco, the Old Mint represents the federal government on the western frontier. The Old Mint was completed in 1874, and once a repository for one-third of the nations gold reserve, it is nationally recognized for its importance as the "last major example of classical revival architecture" in the United States. Scheduled to open in the next few years, San Francisco Museum at the Mint will serve as a cultural resource and civic attraction in a National Historic Landmark.

I crashed Hops and History to learn and experience SF beer and it surprised me to hear that the city's largest manufacturer is in fact Anchor Steam Beer. It's a San Francisco original since 1896 dating back to the California Gold Rush making it one of America's oldest breweries, and a pioneer of the craft brewing movement. Anchor Brewing was the first American brewery in modern times to employ the ancient technique of "dry-hopping". Much like making sun tea, dry-hopping is a steeping process of adding bagged, dry hops to some of the ales during the maturation stage of the brewing process to infuse them with rich fragrance and aroma. Recently, Anchor announced plans to construct a world-class facility at Pier 48 which will allow the company to quadruple its annual production capacity from 180,000 barrels to 680,000 barrels.

Beer was happening here and after all the tastings I declared the winner of the evening to be MateVeza with it's IPA beer, that has natural caffeine from organic yerba mate.

Brewery: Speakeasy Ales & Lager
Beer: Vandetta

Brewery: Pine Street
Beer: Atom Splitter

Winner of the evening
Brewery: MateVeza
Beer: Yerba Mate IPA
Up on the big screen 
That evening I also ended up on the big screen with UpOut, a new event discovery app for awesome people. UpOut is your discriminating guide to the best parties, weird things to do and underground events in San Francisco. From secret dance parties, to pop up restaurants, to wine tastings -UpOut users can filter their results by price, group type and dates/times so there's an easy way to find cool stuff in the city.
UpOut's motto, get up and go out.
My motto, get out and go up.

Cheers... To enjoying the journey of San Francisco beer.
My Gang

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