Monday, July 15, 2013

Craft Spirits Carnival

SF Craft Spirits Carnival @ Fort Mason Center
June 15th & 16th 1-5pm 

I crashed the Craft Spirits Carnival in an attempt to figure out if it was possible not to be drunk within a grand selection of  over 100 handcrafted ultra-premium spirits of all tastes: Mezcal, Absinthe, Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Grappa, and more. It's pretty much like wine tasting but with shots. This event felt like a carnival even without the circus being there, but to add onto this chaos there was an edgy Vaudville-style carnival spectacular (not your childhood carnival performers) including Hubba Hubba Burlesque, Molotov and Dixie Delish's wild rodeo routine, Mendo Project contemporary dance troupe, and Kara Nova the pole acrobat. 

Bulleit Neat

I was welcomed in with a Bulleit Neat, which is 1 1/3 Bulleit Bourbon enjoyed in a rocks glass. Bulleit Bourbon is produced with a high rye content and proprietary grains and yeasts -using this unique 175 year old recipe. It's aged not a drop less than six years. I'm no spirits judge, but I would describe Bulleit as "good" so I found someone that came up with a slightly more elaborate description than my one word (but very similar to what I was thinking). "Bulleit is a deep amber color with highly polished aromas of creamy vanilla, pickling spices, and buttery pralines. A delicate silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of honeyed grain, sweet baking spice, vanilla bean and pralines. Finishes with a long, rich fruity caramel, peppery spice and mineral accented fade. An elegant sipping or mixing bourbon." I was just impressed on the award winning bottle design that reflects elements of the Frontier Age, with a unique flask design, raised glass lettering and a cork stopper.

Strip and Go Bare, at least that's what Emily and Ben told me to do. They're changing the way we party by creating the first sparkling cocktail made with all-natural ingredients. Strip uses only high quality organic vodka and after more than 300 different formula variations, they flavor it with Eureka lemons, tart tahitian limes and a blend of Turkish apples (to give it a well-rounded finish). It's not sweet, and always smooth. They add in some bubbles and bottle it at 10% alcohol by volume. Because it's stripped of any additives or extra sugars, it's gluten-free and lower in calories than any other cocktails on the market right now. Relying on fresh fruit to flavor the drink, this organic sparkling citrus cocktail will have your body thanking you in the morning. 

When things started to get crazy
Julie Schaller. Butchers Daughter 
I had a meat and greet with Julie Schaller, The Butcher's Daughter (actually granddaughter) that is of "Schaller & Weber" the legendary German-American sausage and speciality meat company. Julie has been eating pigs tails and knuckles since she was a little girl and now carries on the tradition with a vintage street vendor cart. The Butcher's Daughter is available for private events and parties in SF to bring all the great meat products to many people who had never experienced some of the best in pates, cervelat, bockwurst, just to name a few. Julie, the third generation of Schallers, is using this mobile "meat boutique" to keep this authentic German deliciousness alive. 

Everyone falls... It's how you get up that matters most
CRASHED IT... To proving that you can't leave the Craft Spirits Carnival sober 

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