Monday, July 29, 2013


J-Me, undercover as a Happiness Scientist

Private Preview Party @ Nesquik's Happiness Laboratory

Thursday June 20th 6-8pm 

Bunny (middle) Daniel Koch, Marketing Manager Nestle (right)
If Nesquik could create a feeling that they want you to have, it's happiness. Nesquik built a Happiness Laboratory to capture, create and share moments of happiness with you -by playing with bubbles (and lots of them). The Happiness Laboratory has existed for an undisclosed amount of time, yet this will be the confirmed first that they ever welcome any outsiders in. They were opening the doors to the public for four days so I crashed the preview party to see first-hand, before everyone else, what Bubbleverse was about. With this, Nesquik produced one of those moments that just stop you... when you can't simply help but smile.

J-Me bottom left (with signature hat apparently)
Delightful, whimsical, pure, charming, absurd and magical -brought to you by Nesquik. This is the story of what happens at the Happiness Laboratory: They say follow the line that speaks to you as you navigate around the bubble artist (many children's new dream job) as your able to freely play with bubbles outside in this made-up bubble park. You're then greeted at the entrance by a happiness scientist that asks you funny questions like when you last skipped (not work that is). You enter into this Willy Wonka-esque Laboratory where your given a rainbow lab coat, gloves and googles as another happiness scientist fills you in on the background of the lab. You're handed a beaker to infuse happy memories into it where they explain the science behind how bubbles are formed -from happy moments. You observe through glass doors another scientist with extreme levels of happiness handling liquids that are glowing within this enclosed room, then your led through a tunnel that brings you to...
Bubbleverse! Bubbleverse takes your whole surrounding and enters you into a world of bubbles. Imagine standing in a crazy blizzard but instead of snow it's bubbles (some filled with fog) and there are multi-colored strobe lights and it smells like... chocolate. That's Bubbleverse -and the second it was gone, you start to miss it. Here, have a Nesquik -to remembering those little moments of happiness. Then you receive a print-out to reminisce on a captured happy moment taken of you at the Happiness Laboratory.
Instagram instant print-outs

The wall of happiness
The walls within the Happiness Laboratory were used to record and share people's happiest moments... "Eating pasta with my hands in the park"... "Meeting my wife"... "Dancing under the full moon in the desert"... "The first time my son put a booger on my face" ... "Learning how to ride a bicycle"... "Bubbleverse!" 
Undeniably happy, thanks to Nesquik 
Cheers... To remembering those little moments of happiness, with Nesquik! 

CRASHED IT #71... Nestle Nesquik USA


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