Friday, November 23, 2012


Nitro in the Cloud @ The New Office
November 15th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

There was quite the security at Nitro.
I made it in though and was approached by an Australian man who turned out to be the CEO, Sam Chandler.  Sam and I chatted for a bit before taking this awkward photo by the bathroom.  I had heard about this place, and Nitro's new home base so I told him I was there to scope out the scene. He told me he had a feeling that I may have done this before, which makes me think that either I've gotten really good at crashing company events, or he's just got a really good intuition about things. I want to say it's the combination because this is Sam's third startup and they're now up to 100 employees and this is my 33rd company crash and I'm up to over 3,500 views.

Nitro was built with this idea of driving the digital document revolution. Milo, the wombat, is the company mascot that has a turbine strapped to his back. Even with an obvious Australian undertone, Nitro felt very San Francisco. They had a ping pong table, a well stocked snack bar, no cubicles, 2 DJ booths, and too many booze fridges to count -and they even invited me back the next evening for their "Club Nitro Friday Night."

Nitro is an opportunity for people to build or create something really special, kind of like this blog... No bullshit -crashed it!

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