Tuesday, November 13, 2012


SlideShare & The Costume Party 
November 1st 6:00-9:00pm

This is what I would classify as a confusing company crash. 
I walked into this business event and everyone was in costume. Although I clearly didn't get that memo, it was now November and that wasn't even the confusing part. It turns out that this was in fact a different company event then I was intending to crash. There were two business events going on in the same building at the same time. This was not the SlideShare event, but a different company party... SlideShare was on the third floor. 

I did make it to SlideShare that night and celebrated this event crash with a few people from LinkedIn. Earlier this year LinkedIn acquired SlideShare so I grabbed myself a product analyst there and attempted to re-create the logo, but with beer. SlideShare allows you to upload presentations, documents and videos. It's essentially a YouTube for PowerPoints. 
SlideShare allows for more sharing experiences, knowledge and creme brulee.
It's so obvious, SF loves to share. 

Crashed it.

Shared it.

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