Monday, November 5, 2012

Citizen Space

The Future of Work  @ Citizen Space

October 29th 6:00-9:00pm

I strolled into this Citizen Space event to see if it really was what they claimed as a "nicer place to work." SOMA has become a hub for start-ups, and with that, came a growth of co-working spaces because people in SF love to share -even ideas. I also knew Philip Rosedale (the Founder of Second Life) would be there. I value his thoughts and with a "don't ask, just do it mentality," I knew he would understand why I crashed his event.

There's an inordinate amount of innovation here, and I can confirm this because I sat in a room full of entrepreneurs that evening. Philip recently debuted his new app, Coffee & Power -a marketplace for skill-based jobs. This new platform was inspired by Second Life and the value that people were getting from each others skills and capabilities. In Philip's talk about his new venture he brought up the fact that there's still only a 20% success rate for any single start-up, yet San Francisco thrives on start-ups because this city is full of risk takers. Which explains why I was inspired to try out out the whole start-up thing too. I created a hand sanitizer for the dog leash.

This talk highlighted how impactful sharing can be, so I thought I'd share three points that I took away from crashing this event.
1. If we fail, we will be OK.
2. Capitalize on the constant serendipitous encounters.
3. Crazy ideas succeed... so feel free to share them at Citizen Space.

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