Thursday, December 27, 2012


PassBan @ The HQ
December 20th 6:00-9:00pm

There are many sports I'm not good at but if there's one sport where my talent really is, it's definitely in foosball. For that reason I challenged anyone in the PassBan office to play me, as I crashed this event to learn about this new app  called Passboard. Set to be released next week, this free app plans to replace traditional passwords with flexible & modern multi-factor verification that turns YOU into the password. Kayvan Alikhani, the CEO, summed it up by saying it's essentially "Password 2.0" allowing you to protect applications by creating your own security process that involves facial and voice recognition. This event was decked out with nerds, and really smart ones that were dedicated to revolutionizing mobile security. These guys were ready to transform the way we feel about protecting a good friend -our phone. Let's admit it, if dogs are man's best friend then the phone has easily secured it's spot as the #2 wingman.  You trust your phone to hold some of your most private information so Passban set out to put some extra security on this personal wingman of yours. The question remains though, can identical twins fool the system? Well, Kayvan is bringing my twinster and I in to see if we can share a password.

Crashed it... playing with passwords at PassBan (say that five times)

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