Thursday, December 20, 2012


Voxer Holiday Party @ The HQ 

December 13th @ 5:30pm

It's not a party unless someone face plants into the floor and with that -Voxer knows how to party. I learned that night if you lock your knees for too long it restricts the blood flow and could end up making you pass out.  Even when standing attention in the military they have their knees slightly bent, and I'm sure the CEO Tom Katis could confirm this. Tom used to be a Special Forces communications sergeant and his idea of Voxer was actually inspired while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He got the idea for the company when he needed better technology to talk to other soldiers on the battlefield so he founded Voxer, a walkie talkie app for smartphones. Voxer lets you send instant audio, text and photo messages to your friends; the messages stream live as you talk, and your friends can join in real-time or listen later. With all the hard work that's been put into the app since 2007, it's no wonder they were celebrating. They've come a long way and as I chatted with Tom he showed me some photos in his phone of Obama from the night before and now he had the opportunity to take a picture with me -this CEO was really on a roll here.  They had a fully stocked bar with a kitchen cooking up quesadillas, and I ended up in a photobooth with two strangers (which one turned out to be an investor of this party). Voxer is the first company I've seen that perfectly balances the workhard playhard mentality -now talk about that via walkie talkie.

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