Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tapsense Developer Holiday Party @ Jillian's

December 11th 6:30-9:30pm 

I only document about half the company events that I attend, and I also admit that I wasn't planning on posting this event as the only pictures I took that evening were from the photobooth. However those pictures kept on popping up, over and over again -so much that I had to get to know them. Tapsense is essentially a mobile app marketer because with an overwhelming amount of media these days, they face an increasingly competitive landscape but Tapsense still cuts through the clutter. You see, first I received the print-out from the photobooth which is standard, but then about thirsty minutes later in the middle of Jillian's 50 ft high definition wall my face was plastered on the T.V screen. This was an obvious representation that no matter how many times I've done the photobooth, one of the pictures always seems to catch me off guard. I now have an event crashing goal, to master the four faces in a photobooth. If that wasn't enough though, the mass e-mail that was sent out to the Tapsense company thanking everyone for attending was forwarded over to me. Low and behold, one of my pictures from the photobooth was smacked in the center of the e-mail (even overlayed across someone else's face). Why is my photobooth picture turning up everywhere?... I still have no idea, but what I do know is that it's not easy to catch someones attention these days, but Tapsense does it.

This holiday season I crashed it with the Tapsense team!

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