Friday, March 15, 2013

The Runway

Canadian Technology Accelerator Demo Day
March 13th @ The Runway 

I was given three million dollars and welcomed in by Max Shapiro, the Founder of PeopleConnect. We immediately clicked as our backgrounds seem to parallel one another. As two strategists turned entrepreneurs with a sense of creativity and a passion for networking, I crashed his event to connect with other great people. Max has an enthusiasm for finding talent and he immediately had me meet Allan T. Young, the man who was in charge of this new co-working and incubation space called the "Runway."

Runway is one of the biggest of it's kind in the Bay area and housed in the same building as Twitter (CRASHED Twitter) and Yammer. With 30,000 square feet and a runway down the middle, the openness of this  creative space promotes endless collaboration amongst the best early stage technology start-ups. Allan took me on a personal tour down the runway as we chatted about the dome like structure that's referred to as the "igloo." The igloo was built off the runway to create a place to step into another environment, go somewhere else and think differently. The Runway attracts smart people and companies, so everyone can truly learn from each other. These are the two start-ups that I learned about that evening I crashed it.

I met Mike Gozza and Steve Panetta, the two Founders of Appifier. Appifier builds captivating mobile apps for your WordPress website, realty business or event, extremely quick without code. Focusing on those specific popular verticals provides non-developers a Zero to App in 60 seconds.

David Ciccarelli was also there to represent his startup - the largest global web hub for voice actors. is the number #1 Marketplace for voice over talent and David also wrote this book Voice Acting for Dummies. After he ran out of business cards he personally signed a copy of his book for me. With this new read, I'm now prepared to get into character so my voice can be heard world-wide.

CRASHED IT... To voice my passion for start-ups (and I'm not even acting when I say that).

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