Friday, March 8, 2013

Nissan Infinity

Art RockX @ Nissan Infinity
March 7th 6-10pm 

Briefing Him

Into It

I sent my dog, Patrick, out for the night to show him what's it's like to crash an event. After a quick brief, Patrick crashed Art RockX which was taking place at the Nissan Infinity building. Patrick realized when he walked in with a bow tie and a top hat that he may have come overdressed to his first event crash, or that no one else had received the memo that it was a black tie affair. After a few drinks though by SF Vodka, a couple brews from Last Exit, and some Los Osuna Tequila -he was ready for the party. Halfway through the night a go-pro was strapped on his back to document this event crash from the dog's perspective. The footage consists mainly of Patrick being drawn to dropped pizza crumbs across the room, however it does also show him rocking out with the DJ, and sneaking back to where the models are and then strolling down the run-way.

Enjoying It

Joining It
By the end of the night Patrick was into ArtRockx and this reality show for visual artists. As the competition unfolded, each artist had 45 minutes to create a work-of-art with the audience as their judge.

Just like every other "guest" that I bring, I summed up the situation the same way that my dog felt on his first event crash... You get nervous because your'e crashing an un-invited event so you grab yourself a free drink. You then start enjoying the scene, you hear the music, you meet the people, you see why we're all here. You get more interested in what's going on and you feel like you're a part of it. You want to get closer, and now you're VIP or backstage or walking down a runway -you join in and that's how it goes. 

Art RockX CRASHED IT Animal Style!

Crashing It 


  1. Awesome. Way to go Patrick.
    But I want to see the go pro video...;)

    1. The video will come out one day. Patrick is a baller like that.