Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer Party @Roe 
March 25th 9pm-Midnight 

Wait, you're just the "demo guys"? This was quite the title they gave themselves when I asked them what their role was within Immersion. Apps have feelings too though (at least apps with Immersion does). I crashed the Pocket Gamer Party and took a moment within all the games to feel out Immersion. 

Immersion adds engaging touch feedback to your android Apps with Immersion's Haptic SDK. Haptics is the study of touch and Haptic effects are products by actuators which are built into devices to create vibrations. Haptics provide a sense of realism and improve the user experience and are found in consumer devices like mobile phones, tablets and gaming controllers. They harness the power of touch to transform the user experience into an intuitive encounter, bringing their communications to life.

I'm not a gamer, but I enjoyed the cocktails that were brought to me by their Gold Sponsors -you got played.

Immersion CRASHED IT! ... For the love of the game

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