Friday, April 5, 2013


RichRelevance's Founders' Happy Hour
March 20th @ Headquarters 

Tyler Kohn
Mike DeCourcey

Who is David Selinger?
I still have no idea but what I do know is that I crashed their happy hour and met his friends, Michael DeCourcey and Tyler Kohn -the other two co-founders that couldn't stop saying great things about him. With a dynamic company culture these three co-founders go back to when their parents were friends as they started their company in a small 2-bedroom apartment and have grown it to a 27,000 square foot space. Although David was no where in sight, he could have been perhaps opening up another office because RichRelevance is growing rapidly. Around 200 employees and offices worldwide (with even some offices of one person) they're building a successful SaaS DATA company. {rr) has a rich sense of culture and their values adorn the walls revised and developed by a grassroots initiative led by the whole team with a commitment to customer-centricity, innovation, team, integrity, ownership and action. 

David managed to build quite the reputation at Amazon earning him international recognition as an expert in the field of eCommerce data analytics and personalization, increasing Amazon's annual profit by over $50 million and setting the industry standards for recommendation services and he was now on board at Rich Relevance bringing all that knowledge with him. These three minds combined live and breath leading edge technologies -especially around DATA and driving applied analytics for retailers such as Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Neiman Marcus, etc. in personalization, advertising and merchandising. I crashed this event and learned about their products and technologies, mingled with the Founders (except David) and experienced the richness in RichRelevance. If you're out there David I heard you're quite the character on the mic when you're singing Ice Ice Baby and I would like to get a photo with you too. 

Here's their story in animation form:

CRASHED IT... Dynamic personalization for commerce that's as cool as ice with RichRelevance!


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