Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Launch Party @ Fetch
April 17th 5-8pm 

Keoni Chavez, Managing Editor
I followed Fetch to crash this event because their keywords were "Party All The Time." Fetch brings apps to you that you'll love (the ones you want to keep installed). This personal search-companion was officially launching so I danced into this party and within minutes had the chance to get a demo of this new app from Keoni Chavez, the Managing Editor ... /Genome Wrangler /Spirit Animal /Penultimate Fighter. The most important aspect of his role though is that he plays games all day. Many boys dream of growing up to do this, with parents saying it's not a career -but Keoni is doing it. He plays these games and tags them with keywords such as "jumping" and "shooting" so you can find the games (and hopefully apps soon) that you would enjoy most. By searching for these traits and telling Fetch to follow them this app has a level of customization, advanced filtration, and depth offered by Fetch (and Keoni). With unique trait-search and similar-search features, Fetch gives you the most comprehensive ways to express your individual interests. Only here can you pinpoint an app's consistent, fundamental traits and link them together however you want to find exactly what you’re looking for, like “3D+Undead+Realistic Visuals” and instantly browse the most relevant results. Start a similar-search with an app you already know and then add new traits to find amazing games you never knew existed. Add traits like "Military" to Angry Birds to find games that upgrade you from slingshot to grenade launcher while keeping the same, fun gameplay elements you love. Fetch constantly looks for new games/apps that match and puts them in a personalized feed for you. With Fetch, the possibilities are endless... kind of like a computerized dog. 

Anu Nigam, CEO Fetch 
Fetch CRASHED IT keyword YOLO (You Only Launch Once)

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