Monday, May 13, 2013

California Academy of Sciences

Creature Carnival Nightlife @ California Academy of Sciences
May 2nd 6-10pm

The Green Guy
Every Thursday after the museum shuts down it re-opens in the evening to transform into an alcoholic science adventure for the 21+ crowd, and especially for couples. Their motto is "Let the wonder begin" so I followed the green guy in and crashed this event with a butterfly beside me. 

I kept the butterfly theme going and went straight (well not exactly straight) into the butterfly genome.
COUPLE #1 (they started trend): Two butterflies sharing an orange in the genome
COUPLE #2: Admiring in the fish tunnel
COUPLE CAUGHT #3: Burning Man pair  with butterfly balloon photobombing it 
COUPLE CAUGHT #4: Couple aboard for the ride
This 4-story rainforst is enclosed within a spectacular 90-foot diameter glass dome where dripping water sets the beat for a symphony of croaking frogs and chirping birds. It's the largest spherical rainforest exhibit in the world, and my favorite exhibit in the Cal Academy. With each level representing a distinct rainforest habitat containing its own special zoological garden, you can then descend in a glass elevator into the Amazonian flooded forest where an acrylic tunnel allows you to walk beneath the catfish and arapaima that swim overhead. To learn more about the findings in the Butterfly Genome
COUPLE CAUGHT #5: A couple of frogs on a date

This type of raw beauty makes it a perfect place to take a date, and here are eight couples I caught on camera that evening: 1) Two butterflies sharing an orange 2) Admiring in the fish tunnel 3) The Burning Man pair 4) Just aboard for the ride 5) Frog couple 6) Trying to drive away on a snail 7) Possibly a gay couple 8) Diverse underwater couple 9) The two that looked like they had the most fun.

Couple #6: Trying to drive away on a snail
As you can see this event through the eyes of a pair, the Velocity Circus took over the museum that night as the fun was inspired by the Academy's marvelous menagerie of creatures. With jugglers, gymnasts and animal themed Burning Man sculptures including Dusty Rhino, I ran into a peacock that made me a butterfly out of balloons.
COUPLE CAUGHT #7: Possibly a gay couple

COUPLE CAUGHT #8: The diverse underwater couple

COUPLE CAUGHT #9: Couple of fun people
The California Academy is full of fun surprises, as it's also starting to offer the adult version of "Penguins + Pajamas" which would essentially be a grownup sleepover in the Museum -this secures the California Academy of Science as the #1 place to take a date. Some rules that I found out for this event though is that cell phones are not allowed and you can not use the tanks as a writing surface nor bring a tent. They did say I could wear my slippers though (as long as they are soled). My strategy suggestion: Forget about trying to sell me another branded t-shirt, make a nightmask that has penguins in pajamas on it and I'd buy that.

CRASHED IT -to the couples of Cal Academy!

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