Monday, May 20, 2013

SF Small Business Week

Flavors of San Francisco @ The Metreon, CityView Room         

Monday, May 13th 5:30-7:30 PM       

Steve Adams -President of Small Business Commission 
Sold Out?
No way, Jose (but it was true) so I crashed this event to get piece of it too. I went to show my support for Mom & Pop shops because it's SF Small Business Week and this was their kick-off event. I joined Steve Adams, the President of the Small Business Commission to honor the small business community and their contributions to San Francisco's prosperity.

Flavors of SF is a great opportunity to connect with leaders from across the small business community while savoring and sampling the local food from more than 230 restaurants, catering companies and bars. These are a few businesses that I tasted that make San Francisco better place to live (probably better than wherever your living).

The Secret Recipe
1300 Fillmore and the incredible grits
1300 Fillmore St. was the most unexpected win of the evening. I don't even like grits and apparently the chef and creator of these, David Lawrence, didn't either before he had to please his wife and her love for grits. What were in these grits? I had to find out this secret recipe just for you and me, and now all of Facebook to see. It was amazing and had to be shared -BBQ chicken, white grits, pesto and goat cheese. With 'Soulful American' cuisine David combines classic French cooking techniques with hints of southern flavors using fresh California seasonal ingredients, drawing on the rich cultural history of SF's Fillmore District and making 1300 Fillmore a live jazz music destination.

The Sisters of Socola Chocolatier
Next, I met the sisters from Socola Chocolatier and just like their chocolates they were delicately daring and absolutely delightful. "Socola" is a Vietnamese word for chocolate and these handmade artisanal confections are comprised of high-quality local and organic ingredients with modern flavors such as Mango & Vietnamese coffee. The sisterly love of chocolate at Socola.

Chelsea Lopez, The Cake Artist at Kingdom Cake 
Last, but not least, I wanted to feature Chelsea -the Cake Artist from Kingdom Cake. She left her day job to pursue her dreams of creating edible art and in 2008 Kingdom Cake was born. Chelsea creates delicious pieces of art through cakes and cupcakes for all occasion. Whether you need sophisticated couture or whimsical and playful, she makes one-of-a-kind cakes for any special occasion. Not only was Chelsea the coolest small business owner there but even if she wasn't I'd still invite her to my next birthday party.

SF wouldn't be the same without all our small businesses.

CRASHED IT... To enjoying the many flavors of San Francisco!

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