Monday, May 6, 2013

Wine Luxury

Wine Luxury Soiree

April 26th 6-10pm @ City Club

CRASHING the Soiree with my photographer
People often as me what event has been my favorite crash thus far and now I can confidently say the Wine Luxury Soiree. They dominated their first event by using this simple equation that I came up with: Fine Wine + C-List Celebrities + Sexy Fashion Models = Success.

No big deal
It was an evening of luxury unveiled as I danced away swinging the ladies around me. No one could believe I had those dance moves in me until Jonathan Cain from the band Journey jumped on stage and reassured the crowd by singing 'Don't Stop Believin' and the whole place echoed along with their phones out recording.

Daniel Feder, CEO of Wine Luxury
Jonathan Cain, from Journey
It all wouldn't be possible though without Daniel Feder. Daniel founded Wine Luxury (WLX) in March 2012, which is a multifaceted online platform and magazine dedicated to the celebration of a wine and culinary lifestyle. Their mission is to be the leading digital platform for the curation of all elements of this lifestyle, and to promote world-class wineries, dining establishments and related luxury experiences. They bring the foremost wine producers and restaurants together with consumers who share the same passions and appreciation for wine and food. Soiree was an ideal opportunity for people to explore Wine Luxury and also get a glimpse of the digital platform they're launching. To learn more they put together this video that provides a little color to this wine situation. (Great video but feel free to stop at 2:27 because the last part is unnecessary) 

The Jew Crew: Zamir Gotta, Adam Richman & J-Me Kornick
Adam Richman, from Man vs. Food had photobombed my picture so I took on the challenge that evening of woman vs wine. I caught up with him and Zamir Gotta, from the Travel Channel to form the Jew Crew. These two guys and I L'achimed for coming together to celebrate some delectable kosher wine (the Kosher part not confirmed).

Throughout this event beautiful garments were standing tall on fashion models showing off the designs of recycled materials, custom made, elegant garments. The sexiest person at the party though, voted by my photographer and I, was in fact not one of the fashion models but a writer from Wine Luxury.
Sexiest thing at party

CRASHED IT... To a successful celebration of the wine lifestyle!

Fun in the photobooth

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