Monday, October 29, 2012


Indulge @ ZOZI's Urban Interiors

October 25th 6:30-10:00pm 

I got a hold of this invitation that told me to "Indulge" so for this event crash I brought with me a crew to indulge too.  I made sure that we weren't recognizable though, so we all went incognito as the only people wearing masks that evening. With an open bar and a man who seemed to look like Santa Claus, it felt like Christmas came early this year as the venue was just filled with furniture to lounge on. We found ourselves on the most comfortable couch and with a few drinks in hand it started to feel like a scene from my living room -minus the lady coming around with shots, which is now an obvious element missing from my own house. Richard (the store owner) was in charge of running the show here and was just as fabulous as the furniture. As Zozi prides themselves on adding that contemporary touch, the staff also seemed to know trends as you could tell that this business was their passion. Zozi's loft is filled with stylish furniture and home decor and it's one of those stores that makes you want to walk out with everything -I'm just glad that I haven't been working out lately otherwise I may have tried. Instead, I stayed at this company event and crashed on Zozi's couch that night.


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