Tuesday, October 16, 2012


EdelUp With Edelman @ B Restaurant


Meet Mike... I'm about 99% sure this is Mike Kuczkowski, the General Manager of Edelman SF and one of the people that said a few words to the crowd at this private event that I just happened to be walking by (while on my way to a different event).  I crashed this gathering to enjoy a drink with Mike, and he asked if I was a felon before agreeing to take a photo with me. I assured him that I wasn't... but I'm just glad we got that question out of the way early. Edelman is the world's largest public relations firm with 65 offices and more than 4,500 employees world-wide. It's a top-ranked PR firm so if you love PR and Digital -Edelman is the way to go.

They're also hiring, but please no felons apply.

The other folks I took a photo with at this meet-n-greet event were these two Swedish men in red. Clad in bright colors with a giant brand logo across their back made me wonder who these classy men were, and why I felt like a little person standing next to them. It turns out they're from Mynewsdesk, and they admitted that they were just extraordinarily tall and that I wasn't in fact shrinking.

CRASHED IT... For the love of PR

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