Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hive Advertising

Hive Advertising @ The new office

October 4th 5:00-9:00pm

The hive has moved, and I got buzzed in their bigger and better abode. This advertising agency proudly represents its name from the bee artwork on the wall to the honey soap in the bathroom. I enjoyed some honey cocktails that evening as I met DeeAnn Budney, the CEO, who introduced me to everyone that night as "Jaime the first guest" -a title I was honored to have as I've always been known as timely. This smaller shop still has a wealth of experience though and an impressive client list that includes Gymboree and Whole Foods. I beelive they're success is wrapped in how they embrace the fact that we're all a bit weird, but finding that beautiful solution to a complex problem is what they really care about. I also met the agency dog, which just so happened to have his face on every cupcake that was being served. There was an abundance of sushi and Vietnamese tacos from the nom nom food truck, and a photobooth with a bee costume sitting next to it... All I could say now, is that somewhere out there is a picture of me dressed up as a bumblebee.

CRASHED IT... Hive, it's a sweet place to bee!

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