Monday, October 8, 2012


Oracle @ the Mint Plaza

October 2nd, Noon-8pm

The perfect weather in San Francisco brought me out to this Oracle event that was held outside at the Mint Plaza. This day time party for the media mavens was filled with fashion designers, live music, artists and appetizers, which made it a great gathering for the conference attendees -and me.

Known for her urban jungle theme, Melanie Alves paints a lion in front of the stage. While enjoying the music and margaritas, I jumped into another photo booth before picking up a t-shirt that was being given out by San Fran Pyscho, a local lifestyle brand that features the talent and diversity of the city.  It was one of the most beauitful days in San Francisco and crashing this outdoor event made it even better.

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  1. This blog just keeps getting better. I love watching your crashing adventures!

    I don't mean to keep delaying our redesign project-- send me your login info and I can clean it up. You've got a great thing going here.