Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Preserved @ Haus of Hipstamatic

October 19th 8:00-11:55pm




I crashed this Hipstamatic house party and was welcomed in by a wall full of taxidermy. Throughout the evening I tried to understand the connection between the digital photography app and the dead animal theme, and as no one really seemed to know after a few drinks everyone embraced the stuffed animals anyhow. I particularly took notice of the baby leopard head who started to look a bit dehydrated so I decided to share my drink with it, when all of a sudden Ryan Dorshorst (the co-founder of Hipstamatic) and his wife jumped in with disguises and moustached me.  Throughout the evening multiple people were snapping photographs with their iphones and the moments were instantly being printed out hipstamatically -if that's actually a word. These photos would be instantly pinned up on display which made me feel like the night was literally happening through a hipstamatic lense, making everything look more beautiful and creative.

Whatever happens in the Hipstamatic house
stays preserved (forever) in Hipstamatic,
including this event crash.


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