Friday, October 26, 2012

Johnnie Walker

House of Walker @ The Concordia-Argonaut Club

October 24th 7:30-10:30pm

I crashed this event to get closer with Johnnie Walker.  We shared some shots and a moment together as we tasted the differences between his black, red, gold and blue labels. I never was a scotch whisky drinker until this evening when I really had the chance to get to know him in this lovely venue called the Concordia. This premier private club was founded by Levi Strauss in 1864 and serves as a luxurious and comfortable "second home" to many of the Bay Area's most distinguished families. The Concordia contains a rich tradition and has turned into a symbol of professional and business integrity, so I blame this event crash on Johnnie and his new tag line, "Don't slow down. Don't look back. Keep Walking."- with that, I walked right into the Concordia to meet this Johnnie.

This is Me hanging out with Johnnie Walker... and Stephen Wilson (the U.S. Brand Ambassador).

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