Monday, October 22, 2012


Women in Tech @ Zendesk

October 18th 6:00-8:00pm

Lately these company parties have been dominated by men so I wanted to take a moment to recognize the women, by crashing one of their events. I would never consider myself to be a woman working in the technology field, but I joined this Women in Tech panel to see which women are. To all the men out there, this was an event you should regret missing. These are the power females in San Francisco, the ones that are learning to code and changing the game within the status quo of women at work. I was welcomed into Zendesk by the Buddha with appetizers and drinks to join these entrepreneurs and thought leaders in conversation. I left this discussion with a new found outlook on innovation as it being not just about technology, but a different way of thinking and approaching problems. This is me with two of the panel speakers, Sepi Nasiri (VP of Women 2.0) and Saroj Yadav (Sr. Software Engineer at Zendek) -and this is us, seizing opportunities and doing things differently.

An event crash dedicated to the women in SF -cheers to changing things.

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