Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Traackr @ Press Club

October 15th 5:00-7:00pm  

I got social with the door guy doing nametags at Traackr. Simon Trigg is an Account Manager, although we joked around about him also being hired as "that person doing the nametags." The stickers were printed upside down though and I figured his stronger skills are in helping costumers get the most out of Traackr's platform. According to his company profile description of him, "Simon always finds ways to put a fun twist on his work" -right even down to the nametags. After I grabbed a drink they called me a social rockstar as I mingled at this event in an attempt to find the influencers that matter most. That's actually part of Traackr's mission statement, but I was also on that same mission because I know the power behind social media from an experiment I once conducted that involved creating a social media birthday (one that was different than my actual one). It turned out I received four times as many wishes on my virtual birthday compared to my real one. With this kind of proven power behind social media, it's no wonder Traackr focuses on the online influencer space to track everything.

I'm only left wondering though, if Traackr truly tracks, have they tracked this event crash yet?

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